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Scientific Software Engineer

Computational Science

We are looking for a skilled scientific software engineer to join our team to help with the design of our in-house apps that are used across our discovery platform.


At Bactobio, we're constantly developing our platform, which stretches from bacterial generation to compound discovery. We use data—bioinformatics and data-driven modelling—to guide exploration at all stages of our pipeline, and to evolve our pipeline over time. Key to this endeavour is the in-house development of a custom software application ecosystem that our lab scientists use to capture, store, contextualize, and explore experimental designs, data, and metadata. This ecosystem interfaces with our pipeline-spanning relational database and consists primarily of a python-based web front end to provide usability to everyone on the Bactobio team.


Our software team currently consists of three dedicated developers who focus full-time on designing tools for lab scientists and the growth of the MySQL database. This team is supported by three bioinformaticians who work closely day-to-day with the software group and carry out many of the same responsibilities, as well as three full-time data scientists who contribute to our stack daily.


Together we have built the framework of our code base and the structure for our database. We care deeply about cultivating a code base that is a joy to collaborate in, and we strive for good practices with sensible implementations: git version control, unit tests, code review, and communication of design decisions.


As a team, we strive to understand the needs of departments across the company and aim to develop bespoke solutions that improve everyone’s day-to-day work. The applications that we have built are used daily throughout the company and have improved sample tracking, data collection processes, and data analysis pipelines.


At Bactobio, we're a diverse, growing team bringing together many expertises, and we're all learning. For this role, we are particularly interested in applicants who have or are transitioning their careers from a scientific field into software development.


  • Engage with our scientists to understand the details of our experiments and their needs for data handling and storage, as well as analysis and visualisation.

  • Ideate creative software applications that solve these individual needs while helping to tie our extensive pipeline together.

  • Help with ongoing design and maintenance of our SQL database.

  • Develop backend python code solving scientific problems.

  • Design and develop bespoke dashboard pages that are clear and easy to navigate.

  • Keep scientists updated and involved in the development process: demoing software, taking in feedback, and iterating.

  • Be on hand to help identify and resolve software issues that arise.

You should have:

  • Great communication skills and enjoy mapping out complicated scientific pipelines with other experts

  • Excellent python skills

  • Basic knowledge of an SQL language (MySQL preferred!)

  • Biotech-related research or work experience

  • A STEM PhD or an MSc degree with 3+ years of relevant work experience

It would be great if you have: 

  • Experience developing software collaboratively

  • Experience with relational database design and implementation

  • Experience using Dash (or similar python dashboarding frameworks)

  • Familiarity with scientific libraries such as Pandas, Numpy and SciPy

  • Familiarity with cloud computing

  • Experience or interest in microbiology/antimicrobials

Benefits include:

  • Competitive starting salary

  • Brand new, modern labs in Central London with dedicated office space, large balconies and 360’ views of the London skyline

  • 25 days holiday + bank holidays

  • A diverse team of colleagues 

  • Weekly team activities including board games, sports activities, and socials on Fridays

  • Complimentary breakfast, fruit, tea, coffee, snacks, drinks,...

  • Access to 1000s of training courses through Udemy, with an allowance for both personal development and work-related training

  • Opportunity to use your skills to help shape our innovative platform

Are you interested in joining us?
Send us your CV and an introductory paragraph using the link below

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