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Senior Scientist

Microbial Generation

We are looking for a senior scientist to come help us cultivate unculturable microbes and maximise their commercial potential.


In this role you will join our microbial generation team for the expansion of our library of novel microbes and support our vision to discover solutions to global issues including the discovery of new antibiotics against resistant bacteria and fungicides to support global food security.


Our microbial generation team oversees the generation, processing, and stocking of novel species of microbes. The team currently consists of 8 microbiologists and automation specialists working closely with a group of 5 bioinformaticians.


Together we have used extensive data collection and a range of bioinformatics approaches to culture 1,700 previously unexplored strains of microbes (>5% of bacteria ever cultured).

We are a diverse team, using a range of capabilities to continue to increase our cultivation rates for novel species through further technological development of the platform and automated pipelines. This allows for exploration of a greater chemical space (e.g. carbon sources, nitrogen sources) and biological space (e.g. helper strains, symbionts) to culture truly novel species.


We are looking for a senior scientist to join our microbial generation team to better understand and expand microbial culturability.

This includes:

  • Culturing and isolating novel species in the lab

  • Setting up experiments and constructing statistical models to target specific species and phyla with a limited number of experiments in almost infinite parameter space

  • Helping to increase the number of experiments via automation

  • Optional: Helping to build bioreporter resources to expand our high-throughput screening approaches

  • Optional: Helping to develop bioinformatic pipelines that predicts symbiotic relationships between species


The aim over time is to be able to capture 100% of the genetic diversity from a single biome via an iterative process. 


All projects are led by a single employee but supported by the entire group and discussed on a weekly basis. This model works when people take responsibility for their own projects, are open to discussing new ideas, and give fair and unbiased feedback. We are therefore looking for people who enjoy working in a collaborative and adaptive environment, with strong communication skills and a drive to be proactive.


You should have:

  • A PhD and postdoctoral experience in microbiology (or equivalent experience)

  • Good understanding of bacterial culture systems (experience handling difficult-to-culture species is a plus)

  • Data-driven mindset and core understanding of statistical principles

  • Strong self-motivation and drive to expand our technical platform

  • Good priority management and ability to adapt

  • Collaborative drive and good team ethic

Ideal experience:

  • Soil microbiology and/or ranges of culture systems

  • Experience with automation platforms

  • Background in synthetic biology 


Your responsibilities will include:

  • Designing and performing experiments to culture new microbes under a range of conditions

  • Identifying opportunities to automate the pipeline and supporting implementation to accelerate our discovery of novel solutions

  • Transforming insights from machine learning into new approaches for directed evolution

  • Coordinating experiments across the microbiology team​

Benefits include:

  • Competitive starting salary

  • Brand new, modern labs in Central London with dedicated office space, large balconies and 360’ views of the London skyline

  • 25 days holiday + bank holidays

  • Diverse team of colleagues (check out our website to meet us)

  • Weekly team activities including running, climbing, and socials on Fridays

  • Complimentary breakfast, fruit, tea, coffee, snacks, drinks,...

  • Access to 1000s of training courses through Udemy, with an allowance for both personal development and work-related training

  • Opportunity to use your skills to help shape our innovative platform

Are you interested in joining us?
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