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Dr Pashiini Supramaniam

Dr Pashiini Supramaniam

Business Analyst

Pashiini studied Chemistry at an undergraduate level before completing her PhD in synthetic biology at the Institute of Chemical Biology at Imperial College London. Her thesis mainly focused on developing a microfluidic platform to understand the efficiency of artificial cells as biological models. Prior to Bactobio, she completed a stint as a postdoc at the King’s College London focusing on developing a microfluidic platform to study the interaction of membrane-targeting peptides.

At Bactobio, Pashiini is tasked with carrying out market analyses in key sectors of commercial interest whilst supporting the business development team to further grow the company’s ambition.

Outside of work, Pashiini is most likely to be found exploring cafes and bakeries around London, testing out new recipes in the kitchen or reading a good book.

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