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Dr Felix Homma

Dr Felix Homma


Felix studied molecular biotechnology as his undergraduate at the Technical University of Munich. He did a PhD in Plant Immunity as part of the “Interdisciplinary Bioscience DTP” programme at the University of Oxford. Felix’s PhD focused on identifying novel proteins involved in plant immunity in the plant intercellular space (apoplast), combining protein mass spectrometry with molecular evolution. Felix also carried out two six-month industrial placements: One with BASF Plant Sciences (2016/17) and one with the KWS group in 2020/21.

Felix will primarily work on platform development to increase and optimise antimicrobial compound production by our isolated strains. A focus will be on systematically exploring the vast landscape of different media compositions inducing microbial compound production.

Exercise is an integral part of Felix’s life - especially Basketball and going to the gym. He enjoys reading non-fiction and sci-fi and playing video and board games.

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