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Unlocking great potential

Who we are

At Bactobio, our mission is to create a safer and greener world by harvesting valuable metabolites from biological dark matter

This means discovering new chemicals with global impact and market reach such as:

Creating new anti-infectives
combating AMR

Wheat Crop

Boosting food production

Supporting the transition
to sustainable industry

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What we do

Today microbial products dominate markets across healthcare, agritech and industrials. These products have been harvested from the 1% of microbes which are culturable. 

Bactobio unlocks the potential in the unexplored 99%.

How we do it

At Bactobio, we are unlocking that potential using combination of:

Machine Learning 
Synthetic biology


Our people are exceptional early stage career scientists and we empower them to innovate. We have hand picked our scientists to make sure we have all the skills that Bactobio needs to thrive.

Dr Daniel Hansen

Founder & CEO

Dr Jordan Ang

Head of Data Science

Dr Mark Wilkinson

Co-founder & CSO

Dr Emma Johnstone

Head of Bioinformatics

Dr Helena Francis

Head of Business Development

Dr Jayneil Patel

Head of Compound Discovery

Caterina Menichelli

Head of Operations


At Bactobio we are supported by expert investors providing crucial steer and broad network access  

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Peder Holk Nielsen

Former CEO of Novozymes

Untitled design (92).png

Leopoldo Zambeletti

Former Head of Healthcare JP Morgan

Untitled design (87).png

Hugh Grant

Last CEO of Monsanto

Untitled design (89).png

Lord David Prior

Chairman of NHS 

We want to hear from you
Come and join us 

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