Our mission is to create a safer and greener world by harvesting valuable metabolites from biological dark matter

Bacteria are the most genetically diverse organisms on the planet - and produce an equally diverse range of chemicals. Many of these chemicals are used to treat diseases, perform gene therapy, and to create better detergents. 

To discover new chemicals, bacteria from the wild must be cultured in a laboratory - but that has only been achieved for <1% of bacteria. Given the wide range of applications available from that tiny portion of bacteria - imagine the potential of the remaining 99%. 

Bactobio is unlocking that potential.



Discovering novel producers of valuable metabolites

Our Bacterial Community Cultivation platform (BACCU) directs the evolution of unculturable bacteria, so that the bacteria evolve to become culturable in the lab. Once brought into the laboratory, we can screen these bacteria for valuable metabolites.

So far, we have been able to boost cultivation rates from less than 1% to over 15% - which has allowed us to start building a library of novel bacterial species for downstream metabolite screening.

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Synthetic biology, next generation sequencing, and machine learning

Direct evolution

We harness evolution by combining synthetic and natural factors to direct the bacteria's evolution.

Track diversity

Using next generation sequencing, we track the genetic diversity to study the biomes and minimise diversity loss.

Learn and improve

We close the loop on our iterative process using literal and machine learning to improve our directed evolution and gain access to more diversity.